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About LumenVox

Providing AI-Driven Speech and Authentication Technology

LumenVox: Leading Speech Automation and Authentication Provider

LumenVox transforms customer communication. Our flexible and cost-effective technology enables you to create effortless, secure self-service and customer-agent interactions. We provide a complete suite of speech and authentication technology to make customer relations faster, stronger and safer than ever before. Our expertise is extensive— we support a multitude of applications for voice biometrics, inclusive of passive and active authentication for fraud detection. And we do it all by putting you and your customers first.


Celebrating over 20 years in business

Award Winning

Recipient of numerous awards for innovation and technical excellence

Why Choose Us

Each client is considered a true partner. We are known for outstanding customer service and are here to support you in understanding, navigating, and assessing each phase of your project to make the process as easy as possible.


Based on Industry Standards

LumenVox’s core speech technology is certified as one of the most accurate, natural-sounding, and reliable products in the industry.

ISO 9001 and Common Criteria certified for the delivery of quality multi-modal biometric technology consulting, solution deployments, and customer support.


LumenVox technology is used worldwide by over 300 banks, telecom service providers, 511 operations, and nearly 2,000 other resellers and developers.

Customer Focused

A 3- year Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 88 demonstrates commitment to supporting our partners and their customers’ enterprise, carrier and hosted service provider environments.


Support for a multitude of platforms including Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco (including Broadsoft), Dialogic, Enghouse, Genesys and many others. When other vendors say “No,” we say, “Let’s Make It Happen.”

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