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Make sure your customers’ voices are heard

Make sure your customers’ voices are heard

Most people today—whether they are your customers or employees—want intuitive, frictionless experiences when they use your voice-driven solutions.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) can help you save time, ramp up efficiency and scale services in your contact center and many other scenarios. However, not all ASR solutions can deliver experiences that measure up to customer expectations. Those that are too slow, too limited or riddled with inaccuracies can negatively impact purchasing decisions, erode customer trust, and discredit your brand.

It is therefore critical that you get speech automation right. And if you don’t, someone else will: Experts predict that voice commerce will grow to become an $80 billion industry by 2023.

That said, there are many hurdles in this advancing technology field. One of the key complexities is managing and expanding different dialects within a single language model. Even when two users speak the same first language, their dialects (US English vs. UK English, for example) must be managed as two completely separate languages by conventional ASR engines. These models must rely on dialect-specific lexicons and phonetic training, which can be resource-intensive, and quite expensive, especially if you serve a diverse and/or global audience.

To address this and numerous other issues, LumenVox has upgraded our ASR capabilities to bring you a new ASR engine with Transcription that is more accurate, efficient, and scalable—so you can maximize your return on investment.

Build world-class customer experiences with the LumenVox Automated Speech Recognition engine

At LumenVox, we have spent over two decades advancing our speech recognition capabilities through the development of our ASR engine. With state-of-the art transcription capabilities that are built on the foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks (DNN), LumenVox’s newly updated ASR engine offers several benefits that will help you offer seamless, accurate, super-scalable voice-enabled solutions.

With LumenVox, you can create user experiences that raise the bar—via your IVR (Interactive Voice Response), chatbot or virtual assistant.

Key benefits:

  1. Improved accuracy
    Our new ASR engine offers a low word error rate (compared with competitors), for exceptional reliability and accuracy. That means you can build high-performance applications time and time again.
  1. Incredible scalability
    While other ASR engines on the market treat each dialect as a separate language, LumenVox supports multiple dialects with one language model. Take English as an example: where conventional solutions recognize US English and UK English as two separate languages, our ASR engine supports multiple dialects (including US, UK, Australian, South African and Indian) within one “universal” English language model. The same approach is true for Spanish (Castilian vs. Latin American), French (European vs. Canadian vs. Haitian), Portuguese (European vs. Brazilian), and other languages.

The ability to understand various dialects with one model means you can serve a diverse base of customers with a high level of accuracy, faster and for less cost than alternative ASR products. LumenVox uses an end-to-end DNN transcription process when building its language models so there is no need for a phonetic lexicon to understand various dialects for a given language. This speeds up the process of adding new models and when updating existing models with new language data. Your customers can also easily extend and adapt the default language models for their own needs, without having to deal with phonetic spellings and lexicons.

  1. Greater efficiency
    With a high compression ratio of words and phrases known as ‘n-grams’, our ASR engine allows a greater number of word/phrase combinations to be simultaneously matched to the speaker conversation. This means that an accurate match can be identified in real time. As a result, users will experience little or no latency when interacting with your applications.
  1. More flexibility
    With a selection of licensing and entitlement options to choose from, it is easy to deploy our ASR engine for any monetization model. Options include monthly subscription and usage based. This offers a refreshing alternative to competitor licensing models, which “lock” licensing entitlement to a single monetization framework.
  1. Better usability

Designed for simple implementation and management, LumenVox does not require costly professional services for delivery, installation, upgrades, or maintenance. Additionally, it fits in any network architecture, including premise-based installations, multi-cloud installations and hybrid prem/cloud installations.

  1. Simplify the migration of legacy applications

LumenVox provides a streamlined way for customers to migrate off their incumbent ASR by simplifying the migration of grammars and confidence values to the new LumenVox ASR engine.

All these features work together to help you automate your customer and user experience in a more cost-efficient, reliable, and rewarding way.

Learn More

Join Joe Hagan, chief product officer at LumenVox on August 24 at 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET as he discusses what is required to deliver meaningful employee and customer experiences through voice channels. Register now for the webinar.

For more information about the new LumenVox ASR engine with transcription Download the Datasheet or Schedule a Demo today.

What’s the Secret to an Intelligent Auto Dialer?

What’s the Secret to an Intelligent Auto Dialer?

A robust outbound call strategy needs to invest in the right technology to allow precise and proactive outbound communication. Auto dialers are a common investment because they can boost efficiency. A call center agent often has the menial task of dialing numbers where most of the time, they remain unanswered. Auto Dialers are designed to reduce the time an agent spends on unanswered calls. This increases the number of interactions an agent can have in a single day.

And yet auto dialers can often fall short of this efficiency expectation. Why? Because most auto dialer’s don’t have the artificial intelligence (AI) necessary to deliver the highest accuracy determinations.

Make Your Auto Dialer Intelligent with LumenVox Call Progress Analysis

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis integrates with auto dialers and speech applications so that any call center can leverage its state-of-the-art Voice Activity Detection (VAD), an advanced technology based in machine learning or AI algorithms.

With LumenVox Call Progress Analysis your auto dialer software is made “smart”, which means it can identify if an answering machine or live person has answered the outbound call. This intelligence eradicates delay within the process, so employees and customers are treated to more talk time and less frustration. The reduction in wasted time creates more space and time for agents to have meaningful interactions with live customers. This results in higher productivity and improved employee performance.

How are our customers using LumenVox Call Progress Analysis

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis can be used for a wide variety of use cases, including:

  • Virtual holds, reducing the need for customers to wait on hold
  • E-callbacks, accurately timing return calls
  • Collections, aiding in successful outbound debt collection campaigns
  • Outbound sales at high volume
  • General outbound calling campaigns, including critical customer notifications
  • Live/human call filtering to agents

Auto Dialers, LumenVox Call Progress Analysis & Customer Experience

LumenVox’ Call Progress Analysis makes it easier for customers to reach and be reached by agents as it prioritizes live participants. With the addition of LumenVox Call Progress Analysis to your auto dialer, your customers will appreciate shorter wait times as this technology can predict when the next agent will become available.

Smart Auto Dialer Outbound Message Delivery

LumenVox Call Progress ensures that customers receive messages in full, if their call is answered by voicemail. LumenVox Call Progress Analysis doesn’t guess if a machine is answering the call. It uses complex machine learning, tone-detection, and active listening to know precisely when to leave a message.

More Auto Dialer Benefits: Reduce Dropped Calls and Pauses

Many customers spend too long waiting for an agent to answer them. Or, they simply give up when there is too much pause time before the agent can speak. LumenVox Call Progress Analysis has the artificial intelligence necessary to transfer waiting customers to an available agent within milliseconds. This ensures fewer dropped calls and minimal silence before proactive communication takes place.

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis is exceeding expectations every day, with one customer making over 1 billon outbound calls per month with over 99% accuracy. Ready to learn more? Download our whitepaper.

Text-Based Chatbots vs. Voice-Enabled Chatbots: Which Is the Future?

Text-Based Chatbots vs. Voice-Enabled Chatbots: Which Is the Future?

Bots are fundamentally changing the way business and commerce work. Powered by Artificial Intelligence chatbots are now a critical part of digital strategy, automating customer interactions, with instant customer gratification. As voice technology becomes more popular and widely used, there are two chatbot options: text-based chatbots and voice-enabled chatbots. Which is the future?  

What is a Chatbot?  

A chatbot is a software application used to conduct an on-line chat conversation via text or text-to-speech, in lieu of providing direct contact with a live human agent. What makes a chatbot powerful, is its ability to answer queries. Natural Language Processing (NLP) extracts intent from utterances. NLP is what makes chatbots intelligent. It’s the artificial intelligence (AI) which powers their ability to learn and provide the most relevant information to each unique query.  

How Text-Based Chatbots Work 

As the name suggests, a text-based chatbot is the one that interacts and communicates through text or messaging. Text-based chatbots are amazingly effective and efficient because they quickly sense the need of the users and provide them with immediate outcomes. In addition, chatbots assist in gathering feedback and keeping the customers engaged by solving queries quickly.

Text-based chatbots are extremely efficient when programed to accurately sense the need of the user and can provide immediate outcomes. In addition, chatbots also gather valuable feedback and ensure customers are engaged quickly. Text-based chatbots are primarily used to handle customer interactions and are often merged with messaging apps, social media, SMS and other channels.  

But here’s the thing, chatbots are text-based which means they require typing, pressing, handling by the customer. 

How Voice-Enabled Chatbots Are Changing the Game 

A voice-enabled chatbot uses pre-recorded answers and text-to-speech to address customer queries. There are two ways to program these:  

  1. Users command the chatbots in either oral or written form, and then reply with their voice.
  1. Users make commands with their voice only, no text. For example, the popular voice-enabled chatbots such as Siri and Alexa.  

These “voicebots” are quite fluid, leveraging Conversational UI, or user interfaces based on human speech, written, or spoken. Instead of buttons, links or graphics, the customer uses spoken words to guide the conversation. What’s really neat is that as these bots continue to evolve, they can mix conversational UI with graphical UI; combining the intuitive nature of speech with the immediate gratification of graphics.   

Voice-Enabled Chatbots vs. Text-Based Chatbots 

The key to the decision between Voice-enabled chatbots vs. Text-based chatbots is to understand the preferences of your customers. According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, approximately 71 percent of consumers prefer to use voice searches to conduct a query over the traditional method of typing. Recent reports estimate that 112 million people in the US will use a voice assistant at least monthly, up 10% from the previous year.  

Driving Customer Engagement with Voice 

Voice use is particularly relevant to people who are multitasking and need answers quickly, without having to put down what they’re doing and type or press a button. Voice-enabled chatbots are that next step forward for continuous, relevant customer engagement. They can be available 24/7 online and ready to serve anyone, anywhere, hands-free.  

Give Your Chatbot a Voice 

LumenVox Automated Speech Recognizer and NLU Gateway can give your chatbot a voice, boosting your CX strategy and increasing operational efficiency. To learn more, contact us here.  

The #1 Predictive Dialer Technology for Call Center Success

The #1 Predictive Dialer Technology for Call Center Success

A thriving outbound call center is one that leverages high-tech software to improve customer satisfaction and empower agents. A call center at the top of its game—which seeks to boost productivity and CX needs to focus on one specific action: predictive dialing. By analyzing and ensuring your predictive dialing is “smart,” or includes advanced machine learning technology, your call center can exceed expectations.

Increase Call Center Efficiency Metrics with Intelligent Predictive Dialer Software

In the following we discuss several efficiency metrics that your company can measure and monitor. This will help you to optimize employee performance, improve your technology, and elevate customer experience.

Improve Call Center Service Level with Intelligent Predictive Dialer Software

Delay is the ultimate time waster for agents and one of the most significant issues that call centers face. Ultimately, it affects performance expectations and key performance indicators, such as service level and outbound call time engagement.

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis (CPA) is equipped to measure your agents’ average handle time per call and even goes a step further by using this average time to predict when to dial the next client before your agent has ended their call. This substitutes costly delay for high productivity.

Improve Agent Experience with Intelligent Predictive Dialer Software

LumenVox leverages proprietary  Voice Activity Detection in our state-of-the-art Call Progress Analysis to determine whether your predictive dialer has hit an answering machine or a live human, with the highest accuracy. This “smart” technology allows for precise filtering of live (human-answered) phone calls, which reduces the agent’s average handle time and boosts productivity.

Ultimately LumenVox CPA removes unnecessary delay from one call to the next. Thus, it allows your agents to spend more time communicating and less time dialing. As a result, your employee’s frustration decreases, and burnout remains low. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Intelligent Predictive Dialer Software

Just like agents, customers don’t like to be kept waiting. By adding LumenVox CPA to your predictive dialer, you have the technology to create instantaneous connection with customers.

Instead of long hold times, your call center can proactively and automatically call customers back. Upon successful determination that they have indeed picked up the phone, LumenVox CPA immediately connects the customer to a live agent. LumenVox CPA has this down to a science—making 98% accurate determinations within milliseconds.

LumenVox CPA arms predictive dialers with the artificial intelligence necessary to ensure that it is truly a person on the other end. This technology leaves no room for wasted time on behalf of the customer, resulting in higher satisfaction.

The #1 Technology for Predictive Dialer Success: LumenVox Call Progress Analysis

There are many ways to increase your call center efficiency metrics through modern and innovative technology. By measuring KPIs, you’ll be able to find the areas to improve agent productivity. You’ll also be able to access where customer satisfaction is falling short and where your current challenges lie. LumenVox CPA enables you to hit KPIs and performance expectations you could only dream of before. 

Ready to learn more about LumenVox’s Call Progress Analysis? Download the white paper “How to Break the Predictive Dialer Glass Ceiling”.

Great Is Not Average: The Key to Automated Dialer Success

Great Is Not Average: The Key to Automated Dialer Success

Automated dialers result in critical cost savings and other agent and customer satisfaction benefits within multi-channel call centers. You can dramatically increase these cost savings and benefits with the addition of Call Progress Analysis (CPA) software. Here, we will explore the role of automated dialers in call centers, and how you can enhance them with LumenVox Call Progress Analysis technology.

The Role of Automated Dialers

Automated dialer software can automate many tasks for call centers, including:

Predictive dialing: Auto dialers use algorithms to optimally time calls. The algorithm considers the availability of call center agents and the amount of time it takes for calls to be answered. From there, they adjust the dialing rate to ensure calls take place at the optimal moment.

Message delivery: Auto dialers call specified numbers and deliver message “payload”, which can be anything from appointment reminders to political campaign messages, emergency notifications, etc. These calls are usually queued up, and the system works through the list.

Both functions save representatives valuable time and, in turn, save your call center money.

The Benefits of Enhancing Your Automated Dialer with LumenVox Call Progress Analysis Software

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis software uses a unique approach called Voice Activity Detection (VAD), advanced speech recognition technology which uses a blend of tone detection and speech recognition software to accurately distinguish between humans and answering machines. This software dramatically improves both automated dialer functions.

So, what improvements can LumenVox Call Progress Analysis bring to your call center overall?

Improved Accuracy

Every millisecond counts. By enhancing the predictive process of your automated dialer with LumenVox Call Progress Analysis, agents receive the most accurately filtered calls—as LumenVox Call Progress Analysis ensures there is a live human being on the other end.

From a proactive outbound call standpoint, Our Voice Activity Detection technology is much more accurate than traditional answering machine detection software. This ensures that your full message is delivered to the correct customer at the optimal moment, down to the millisecond.

A Reduction in Call Center Inbound Calls

With proactive outbound communication, LumenVox Call Progress Analysis customers can rely on receiving messages in full, regardless of whether they are there to answer the phone or not. When you successfully deliver up-to-date, relevant information to the customer, they do not need to contact an agent or phone the call center for important updates. This dramatically reduces inbound calls, reducing the workload of agents.

Decreased Call Center Operational Costs

LumenVox Call Progress Analysis technology is all about enhancing automated dialers to increase efficiency. With LumenVox Call Progress Analysis, automated dialers filter solely live calls to agents, contributing to significant operational cost savings and dramatically impact the overall competitive advantage for the call center.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

More than ever, customers want proactive communication. More than ever, customers prefer updates via their smartphones. The likelihood of a customer receiving an update through their phone is far greater than the chances of them reading an email. Ensuring that messages are accurately and efficiently delivered in full will work to improve customer satisfaction with your brand.

The Takeaway

To remain competitive in the call center industry, it is important to invest in the most advanced technology to maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs. LumenVox Call Progress Analysis is setting a new standard, breaking the glass ceiling when it comes to automated dialer accuracy.

Ready to learn more about our breakthrough technology? Download our whitepaper here

Four ways LumenVox enables partners to deliver voice-enabled customer experiences

Four ways LumenVox enables partners to deliver voice-enabled customer experiences

In its top customer service predictions for 2021, Forrester Research noted: “Voice will be the channel for service as empathy takes center stage.” There is an increasing need to accelerate digital transformation for voice-enabled channels. LumenVox makes digital transformation possible with innovative voice technology. And we do that together with our partners. For over twenty years we have developed hundreds of partnerships to elevate experiences and create customers for life.

Here are four ways we support and enable our partners:

We do not compete with our partners on professional services or solution design and delivery.

LumenVox is a speech software company that sells software. We do not sell professional services, solution design or delivery. Instead, we want our partners to. Why? This maximizes their profit margins, as they are in control and knowledgeable of the investment required. It also means the sky is the limit when it comes to design. With our customizable voice technology, partners can construct the ideal voice-enabled customer experience from the ground up.

We encourage partner-to-partner relationships.

We believe our partners can drive transformational change together and build partner capabilities to create voice-enabled customer experiences that result in customers for life. We have many system integrated partners who offer a diverse set of skills. We bring our partners together to create relevant solutions for end users. The inherent nature of working together, start to finish, translates into less work for the customer, with only one signature required on one dotted line.

We offer our partners focused technical training.

We provide partners with a complimentary two half-day skills certification training, where our team of experts teach our partner’s solution design and delivery team how to create voice-enabled customer experiences and get the most out of our speech and voice recognition software. We view our partners as an extension of our team and vice versa which is why it is so important to empower them with as much knowledge as our internal speech and voice recognition experts.

These training sessions include in-depth information on how to install and configure LumenVox’ Automated Speech Recognizer, Text-to-Speech and Call Progress Analysis. Not only will our partners become experts in integrating the LumenVox speech engines, but they will also have visibility into our product roadmap, as well as early access to new versions of our software.

The LumenVox Skills Certification process consists of two parts:

  • The Skills Interview: Designed to find out more about each candidate’s experiences with, and approaches to speech application development. It is more of a free-form conversation that focuses on the candidate, rather than a formal set of requirements.
  • The Application Presentation: Candidate presents a speech application in which they have contributed to the development. We expect to see some of the documentation regarding the application (including design elements like call flow diagrams, business requirements).

Upon completion, our partners are eligible to take the LumenVox Skills Certified exam. With successful passing, we will send free licenses of our software to our partners for use in their design and delivery lab to easily create proof of concepts.

We get creative with our partners.

We are focused on the relationship, not just the sale. We do whatever we can to ensure our partners successfully sell, orchestrate, and build voice-enabled customer experiences. This includes marketing and sales enablement, creating joint campaigns for specific customer bases. Additionally, we leverage our relationship with key platform partners – Avaya, Genesys, Cisco, Aspect and others to promote the work they are doing across the market landscape.

You are in good company

Our partners are innovative, market leading, world–class companies that work together with us to improve each other’s ability to deliver high-performing, voice-enabled customer experiences securely and at scale for customers across the globe. Our approach is the difference between market leaders and market followers. Are you ready to become a LumenVox Partner? Schedule a discovery session with our partner team now.

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