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Contact Centers

Automate Your IVR, Conveniently Authenticate and Prevent Fraud

Best-in-Class Contact Center Technology

Call Progress Analysis

Tone-based detection to ensure that your predictive dialer or IVR is getting the right message to the desired recipient.

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Speech Recognizer

Enable your IVR to improve customer experience by reducing call wait times and agent talk times.

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Enhance self‑service applications with dynamic, professional audio to boost your brand.

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Active Voice Biometrics

Enable customers and employees to use a password that’s impossible to forget for use cases such as automated password reset.

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Passive Voice Biometrics

Reimagine authentication with a process that requires no effort by customer or agent.

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Authenticate Callers 20 Seconds Faster Than Existing Methods

Improved CX

Speech recognition and biometric authentication allow for self-service within the IVR, decreasing call and agent handling times.


Unforgettable Identifier

No more lost or forgotten passwords when your customers are able to use their voice to authenticate.

Significant Cost Savings

Reduced agent handling times means your agents are able to assist and resolve more customer issues in a day than they previously could.

Prevent Fraud and Identity Theft

Organized fraud rings call contact centers using stolen credentials such as passwords, PINs and security questions, costing the industry billions each year. Financial institutions, healthcare providers, and governments are the most commonly affected.

Verify your callers with their voice for stronger authentication and protect your organization from fraudsters, social engineering attacks, and data breaches.


LumenVox technology helped us gain tremendous productivity and achieve cost savings in the helpdesk while providing a secure and convenient password reset process for over 25,000 employees with voice biometrics.

Wolfgang Köhl

Corporate IT Office, Deutsche Post

Benefits to Your Contact Center

LumenVox Speech and Authentication technologies remove the frustrations associated with long wait times to speak with an agent and, associated with identity verification in the call center, leading to better customer loyalty and customer acquisition. They also prevent fraud and identity theft to save your organization money.




On-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment models that scale to millions and work regardless of language or accent.

Seamless Integration

Technology that works with your existing IVR systems and VoiceXML platforms.

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