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Enrich Customer Communication Channels with the LumenVox Stack

Powerful Technology for Omnichannel Communications

Call Progress Analysis

Ensure messages are delivered with near 100% accuracy using our state-of-the-art voice activity detection.

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Speech Recognizer

Transform the customer experience with the most accurate, dynamic speech recognizer on the market.

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Enhance self‑service applications with dynamic, professional audio to boost your brand.

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Active Voice Biometrics

OEnable customers and employees to use a password that’s impossible to forget for use cases such as automated password reset.

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Passive Voice Biometrics

Reimagine authentication with a process that requires no effort by customer or agent.

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Reliable, Scalable Communication Technology


Boost Productivity

Empower teams with omnichannel communication strategies that promote self-service, so customers access information quickly and easily.

Optimize Efficiency

Maximize agents’ time by automating tasks, enabling them to focus solely on problem-solving with live, human interactions.


Accelerate Transformation

Simplify and accelerate digital transformations with our flexible, modular approach to fit your platform’s communication needs.

Reduce Cost

From speech recognition to authentication, LumenVox technology enables self-service within the IVR, decreasing call and agent handling times.

Take advantage of the reliability and scalability of proven communication technology and integrate easily with a variety of enterprise applications.


We were impressed with the realistic and natural sounding speech provided by the LumenVox TTS. Coupled with the carrier-grade, scalable, and highly reliable LumenVox architecture, it was an easy decision to work with LumenVox for this project.

Frank Guthrie

CEO, InfinityCTI

Why Choose LumenVox

Using state-of-the-art AI voice technology, you have access to a broad portfolio of voice technology that is secure, scalable, reliable and accessible for any application. Our modular stack also enables you to leverage existing infrastructure as you evolve your platform.


Simplify Integration

We want to make life easier, not harder. That’s why our technology stack is built to integrate with any cloud.

Leverage Support

With our experts you have access to the knowledge needed for easy deployments and ongoing support.

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