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Technology for Healthcare

Automate Your IVR, Conveniently Authenticate, and Prevent Fraud

Speech Recognizer

Speech enable your IVR to improve your customers’ experience by allowing the elderly or disabled to speak, instead of key in, requests.


Password Reset

Slash costs by an average of $5-$15 per password reset and account unlock request when the authentication process is automated.

Authentication & Fraud Prevention

Prevent medical identity theft and protect the healthcare data with secure and convienent biometric authentication.


Enable your IVR to read dynamic computer data that cannot be pre-recorded, such as prescription or benefit information.


Call Progress Analysis

Tone-based detection to ensure that your predictive dialer or IVR is getting the right message, such as an appointment reminder, to the desired patient.


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Prevent Medical Identity Theft & Insurance Fraud

Measurable Cost Savings

Stronger authentication means a significant decrease in the likelihood of a costly data breach that could take years to recover from.

Unforgettable Identifier

No more lost or forgotten passwords when your customers are able to use their voice to authenticate across all channels.

Improved CX

Speech recognition and authentication allows for self service within the IVR, decreasing call and agent handling times.

Secure Access to Health Data

Prevent unauthorized access to health records and maintain the privacy of medical data to comply with regulations such as HIPAA and the Data Protection Act.

Voice biometrics demonstrates security compliance by ensuring only authorized individuals can access sensitive data, whether it is a physician reviewing electronic health records on their tablet or a patient viewing test results online.


The LumenVox software suite made it easy to migrate the new application from the test environment and deploy to production.

Darrell Perry

Senior Unified Communications Manager, Community Health Choice

Benefits to Your Organization

LumenVox Speech and Authentication technologies remove the frustrations associated with long wait times to speak with an agent and, those associated with identity verification (within an IVR, web application, or mobile application), leading to better customer loyalty and customer acquisition. They also prevent fraud and identity theft to save your organization money. 



On-premise or cloud deployment authentication models that scale to millions and work regardless of language or accents.

Seamless Integration

Solutions that work with your existing IVR systems and VoiceXML platforms.

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