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Voice Biometrics

A Unique Customer Authenticator for Seamless Security


A Better User Experience

Voice Biometrics harnesses the power of the human voice by creating unique biometric identifiers for customers.  


Stronger Authentication

Voice Biometrics leverages state-of-the-art technology to authenticate customers securely and effortlessly over remote channels, using the sound of their voice.

Compelling Cost Savings

Biometric authentication is proven to reduce operational and fraud costs. Customers can quickly authenticate transactions in the IVR for increased containment, or with a live agent for faster, safer customer service.

Convenience, Security, Satisfaction

What if your customers could authenticate using just the sound of their voice? LumenVox Voice Biometrics enables your business to rely less on interrogations and knowledge-based questions and more on biometric identification. The LumenVox Voice Biometric Engines safely authenticate customers within the IVR, on a mobile device or when talking with a live agent, in multiple languages. Less effort, more customer satisfaction.

Effortless Authentication

With Voice Biometrics, the customer experience is as easy as 1-2-3.



Depending on the modality you choose, customers can register their voiceprint in just a few seconds.



With as little as a single utterance, Voice Biometrics can authenticate customers within an IVR, reducing the need for interrogation.

How Voice Biometrics Works

Just like your fingerprint, the sound of your voice is unique to you. Voice Biometrics uses state of the art technology to create a voiceprint for customers. A voiceprint is made up of the physical and behavioral patterns of the voice, including speech rhythm, speed, even the way the vocal chords, mouth and nasal passages work together. Once a voiceprint has been created, customers can authenticate using their voice either in the IVR for self-service, or with a live agent for an enhanced customer experience.


LumenVox Voice Biometric Engines analyze the patterns of a customer’s voice and create a voiceprint.

LumenVox’s Voice Biometric Engine is usually deployed in two ways:

Active Authentication – LumenVox Voice Password. This voice biometric technology authenticates a caller by asking them to say a specific phrase. Active makes self-service more convenient and secure than traditional factors like passwords, PINs and knowledge-based questions.

Passive Voice Biometric Authentication – This voice biometric technology verifies voice characteristics during the course of natural conversation with a live agent. This makes it almost “invisible”—the authentication takes place in the background of the call, with no explicit effort required from agent or caller.


Compare voiceprints

Both methodologies compare a caller’s voice to their voiceprint. If it matches, the claimed identity is authenticated and the customer can proceed. If it doesn’t, the claimed identifier is not able to pass go. That means greater security with less time, less energy, and less cost. That is Voice Biometrics.

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